In 2016, Wings of Kilimanjaro pilots and tandem passengers successfully climbed and flew off Mount Kilimanjaro. I was one of them. This was in aide of donating to the Wings of Kilimanjaro Primary School and provide clean water bores to thousands of Tanzanian families.


And now they are back in 2019… to do it all again.


To give back, I want to show you the journey that I personally went through in 2016 with my fellow, beautiful WOK team. This is my music video, Superpower.


This video is not only dedicated to my 2016 WOK team, Tusker porters and family but to also our angel that will safely guide the 2019 WOK team to the top once again… Dianne Roche.

I cannot describe the feeling of giving to these beautiful souls.

Please give to these amazing Tanzanians. It will make you feel good.