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In 2016, Kristy completed a life experience adventure with Gavin Morris (NBN Television). With the Wings of Kilimanjaro pilots and other tandem passengers, Kristy and Gavin successfully climbed and paraglided off Mount Kilimanjaro, making them the first ever Australian tandem team to paraglide off the highest free standing mountain in the world! 

This was in support of her favourite charity 'Wings of Kilimanjaro' (WOK) to raise much needed funds for the Wings of Kilimanjaro Primary School and the Tanzanian people who are in desperate need of clean water and education. Something we take for granted over here in our lucky country.  

To honour her experience, the amazing 2016 WOK team, Tusker porters and beautiful Tanzanian people, Kristy made the music video ‘Superpower’ (edited by Jamie Condon). Please check it out on the Home and Charity pages.

“I cannot describe the feeling of giving to these beautiful souls.” ~ Kristy Coote


‘Superpower’ was also dedicated to the 2019 WOK Team, safely guided by Diane Roche.

Please give to these amazing Tanzanians. It will make you feel good!

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