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                    TIMETABLE TERM 1
 Tuesday 6 February - Tuesday 26 March 2024
                  (please scroll down to register)

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*Price per group class - $18
*Price per private class - $25


Yr 7 to Yr 10 - 3.55pm-4.25pm (30 Minutes)

3rd to 4th Grade - 4.30pm-5pm  (30 Minutes)

5th to 6th Grade - 5.05pm-5.35pm (30 minutes)

3rd to 4th Grade - 5.40pm-6.10pm (30 Minutes)

5th Grade to 6th Grade - 6.20-6.50pm (30 Minutes)

Yr 11 to Yr 12 - 6.55pm-7.25pm (30 Minutes)

** Please bring your child along for a Free Trial Lesson and then please pay for the rest of the term Group classes before the following week. Per term classes are non-refundable*

* Covid precautions are in place*

* Kristy has a current 'Working with Children' (WWC)**

*If your child (3rd grade to year 12) would like to receive a private lesson or any other questions, please email or call 0414 304 158**


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